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Linzer Torte - Linzer Cake


This cake recipe is said to be the oldest-known in the world and it originates in Austria. It goes back to the 17th century and supposedly confectioner Johann Konrad Vogel of Linz started mass production in 1823 that made the cake famous around the world.


This cake has two delicious layers of rich and buttery almond and hazelnut pastries, sandwiched together with black current jelly. The Torte develops its full flavor 2 - 3 days after baking and stays heavenly delicious for at least 3 weeks when put in the fridge! It is best served at room temperature - or even lightly warmed - with a dollop of whipped cream.
Tip: Tightly wrapped it can also be frozen for at least 6 months.




Marmorgugelhupf - Marble Bundt Cake

This Viennese delicacy that delighted the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph has conquered palates around the world ever since: The Marmorgugelhupf (marble bundt cake). The name is derived from the Middle High German word “gugel” (hood) which describes the shape of this delicacy.

During the period of Biedermeier this cake was found on breakfast tables in all Austrian middle class families but today it is known all over the world and served at any time of the day with coffee and tea.


Servus Sacher Torte - Austrian Chocolate Cake 



This delightful chocolate cake originates in Vienna of the early 19th century - and has been brought to perfection by Eduard Sacher. 

Servus Cookies offers its own version of this famous Torte - a very moist and airy chocolate sponge cake, filled with flavorful apricot jam and covered with a sinfully delicious chocolate couverture icing. Like the Original Sacher Torte it should be served with whipped cream - unsweetened...